Newborn Photography Glasgow - My Editing Workflow

7th January 2018

hen I first began my newborn photography business in Glasgow I realised very quickly that I needed to find my own editing style so that my work was consistent.  From being a photographer for many years I already had a good grasp of photoshop and retouching techniques but when I first started out I would always experiment with different ways of doing things which meant every session looked different.  

After a while I realised that I was leaning more towards a light and airy look to my images so I developed my own editing style to compliment these soft pastel tones.  There are many great tutorials on which really helped me achieve my style.

For all of my newborn, baby and family photography sessions I believe its important to get as much right in camera as possible before even thinking about editing.  I use lovely soft light and before I even begin taking photos I set my exposure and custom colour balance.

My workflow starts in Adobe Bridge where I review and select the best images for my clients gallery.  I then import the selected images into Adobe Camera Raw where I can make minor adjustments to the colour balance and exposure if needed.  The majority of work is done in Photoshop retouching the babies skin, this can sometimes take 3-4 hours per client gallery.  I use a combination of Kelly Browns workflow action set to achieve the perfect baby skin tone and Michael Woloszynowicz's frequency separation action for retouching any flakey skin or little imperfections.

To finish my images I apply my own signature action to bring harmony to all the tones within the image.

I love seeing how other photographers achieve their own signature style in their images.  One of my favourites is Stephanie Cotta who like me, has a fresh, pastel aesthetic to her images.

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Newborn Photography Glasgow - My Editing Workflow
Newborn Photography Glasgow - My Editing Workflow
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