Newborn Photography Glasgow - Finding Inspiration

25th January 2018

Glasgow Newborn Photography

For my Glasgow newborn photography and baby photography sessions I try to find inspiration in a variety of places. Firstly I will ask the parents what colours they prefer and will compliment their home.  I have a selection different coloured blankets with co-ordinating props to choose from.  Once I have their preferred colour choices I will select props that complement each other for the session. As well as colour I will add some lovely textures like soft mohair bonnets and woollen wraps.  ?

Newborn Photography Props

I love shopping on Etsy for different props and one of my favourite vendors is Adris Little Cuties.  I also look for cozy knitted wraps and hats and try to co-ordinate the colours with existing props.  Sometimes I will make my own props and even taught myself to how knit layering blankets and hats.  I adore Wool and the Gang for their soft chunky wool and pastel colours.  I also hand make my own felted layers and needle felt little hearts in different colours.?

Newborn Photography Sessions in Glasgow

I'm always looking for new props for my Glasgow newborn photography sessions.  There are are many amazing specialist newborn prop suppliers in the UK such as Newborn Baby Posing Ltd but I often find inspiration in unexpected places such as home furnishing stores.  One of my favourite go to props is a gorgeous little wooden box that I found in the home department at TK Maxx


Amazing Newborn Photographers

I follow some amazing photographers who also inspire me such as Claire Elliot of Forever Memories.   Having trained with Claire she taught me how to co-ordinate and layer props to add texture and detail to my newborn photography sessions.  Working with a few a few simple props means I can switch them up between shots to give you a few looks without even having to move the baby.?

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