Why I changed my newborn photography style

12th April 2022

Like with fashion and interiors, newborn photography style also constantly changes. I’ve never really been one to jump on the latest trend as I don’t want my images to become dated. However during lockdown in 2020 I made one big change to my newborn photography style.

How my newborn photography style has changed

When I first started out in newborn photography the trend was to photograph babies in crocheted hats or headbands. The hats often had really long tails and giant pom-poms and were made in garish colours. The headbands for little girls had massive bows bigger than the babies head. Thankfully, as newborn photography became more popular, more prop makers appeared and the props became much more tasteful.

When I reopened my studio after lockdown in 2020 I decided that I was no longer newborns without a nappy on. This means that baby is no longer completely nude during their session. I’ve invested in lots of beautiful hand knitted outfits made in Italy from the softest wool in a variety of colours. Here are some of the reasons I changed my newborn photography style.

Newborn Photography Style

Reasons why I changed my newborn photography style?.

  • Most babies don’t like the feeling of being nude. Newborn babies don’t have the ability to relate their body temperature. When they are dressed they feel warm and secure but when their clothes are removed they feel a drastic drop in the temperature. Keeping babies in a cozy little outfit means they are more likely to settle during the session.
  • This one is obvious but keeping a nappy on baby means no more pee and poo to clean up. I don’t know how many times in the past I’ve settled baby into a cute pose and just as I lift my camera - the baby poops all over the backdrop. This means we’d have to lift the baby and clean them with cold wipes that would inevitably wake them up, then I’d have to change the backdrop and settle baby all over again. Not to mention the amount of times I myself have been peed or pooped on.
  • It can help your session to go a little bit quicker and smoother. Before I made the change newborn sessions used to last around 3-4 hours. Keeping the baby in an outfit means I can now be finished in 2-2.5hrs (depending on how hungry baby is). The outfits help to keep baby settled and not having to stop to clean up and accidents means the session can wrap up a bit faster. This means you can get on with your day and, let’s face it, who wants to sit in a hot sweaty room any longer than they have to?
  • It helps protect babies modesty. I want you to be able to enjoy your photographs forever and for your child to love them when they grow up too. Every teenager is going to cringe when their parents bring out their baby photos but by keeping them in little outfits at least the won’t feel embarrassed for being so exposed. My style still has a timeless feel as the outfits I use are very simple and don’t distract from your baby.
  • I can still give the impression that baby is undressed even though they have a nappy on. During the session I can use some of my soft fabric layers to cover the babies nappy leaving their arms, shoulders and legs bare. This means that you can still have the look without risking the mess. I have loads of lovely fabric wraps and layers to compliment your chosen backdrop so that we can achieve this look.
Newborn Photography Style Balloons

There are certain images that do require the removal of the babies nappy such as the black and white shots with the parents hands. I tend to do these at the end of the session if you want to have these photos.

I am not opposed to photographing newborns in the traditional way. If you book a session with me and you do wish to have my traditional style and don’t want me to use an outfit then please let me know.

Newborn Photography Style
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