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Are you looking for Newborn Photography Glasgow? Having a newborn photographer capture your newborn baby's images is once in a lifetime experience that your family will treasure forever.

Custom newborn photography Glasgow sessions are held in my comfortable home studio based in Glasgow. The studio is well equipped with a variety of props, blankets and backgrounds. It is a great studio space for photographing a variety of photos but above all it is perfect for a newborn baby?.

Newborn Photography Glasgow Sessions

Most newborn photography glasgow sessions take place within the first 10-14 days after the baby is born. At this stage I can pose your little one in those sleepy curled up positions. You will see example of this in my newborn photography portfolio taken at my studio?.

After two weeks it is still possible to photograph your newborn baby. However babies tend to be less sleepy and want to stretch out, so certain poses might not be possible. This is why I prefer to book my newborn sessions for babies who are 14 days or under at the time of the photo shoot?. After 14 days newborn baby's are less sleepy and more difficult to pose.

Before the photo shootwe will discuss the styles that you love, the session we will have, and I will work with you to capture the type of images you will want to cherish forever. Ideally you need to book during pregnancy as my diary fills very quickly, and I can't guarantee late availability (although it does happen, so do drop me an email to check!). I also do maternity photography if you interest have a look at my maternity photography portfolio.?

On booking a session I will send you information to help you prepare you and your newborn for the day. This information will help you make the most out of your session. 

Please allow 4 hours for your newborn photography session. This is to allow us time for feeding, peeing, pooing, puking, and of course cuddling! I only undertake one newborn session per day to allow a no stress no rush session.

Choosing Newborn Photography Glasgow

Choosing a professional photographer is a difficult decision these days! You only have to do a quick search on Google to see how many of us are out there. Certainly of those professional newborn photographers available there are varying standards and quality to choose.?

In the light of this I hope from the images on my website, reading reviews from previous customers you will see that Newborn photography is something that I specialise in.

I have been working as a photographer for many years now and have trained in Newborn Photography and I absolutely love what I do! 

Newborn Photography Glasgow Baby in Eskimo Hat

Newborn Photography Portfolio

My newborn baby photography style is certainly one that will stand the test of time. As an example of my work please have a look at the images in my photography portfolio and see for yourself.

Newborn Photography Glasgow Prices

I have a range of prices to suit most pockets and above all the services I offer provide you with a work of art of your little one that you will treasure and keep forever.

How to book Newborn Photography Glasgow

If you would like to book or just have some questions before booking baby photography please don't hesitate to get in touch with me. I will try to accommodate most requests as best I can.

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