Newborn Photography FAQs

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What age range does newborn photography cover?

The key to having a successful newborn photo shoot and achieving those “sleepy, curled up poses" is to have me photograph your newborn within the first 10 days of life. Newborns tend to sleep less and are difficult to “curl up" and pose once they reach the 10 day mark. Days 5 - 7 are the most ideal time to photograph your newborn.

How far in advance should I schedule my newborn photo session?

I would recommend that you book your newborn photography session around your 20 week scan. The first step is to contact me to check that I have availability around your due date. My diary fills up quickly so it's best to get in touch and book as soon as your able. If your baby has already arrived please still get in touch as I sometimes have space available last minute.

How much does a newborn photography session cost?

I don't like to have any hidden costs and all packages and session fees can be found in my newborn prices section of the website click newborn prices for further information.

Do I need to bring in props to use during the session?

I have a lots of luxury props for newborn photography to use during the sessions. If there is some specific that you would like to include please consult me beforehand.

Can parents and siblings be photographed with the baby?

Of course! I love to capture intimate portraits of new mums and dads with their newborn babies. Siblings are welcome to the studio however you might want to arrange a family member to take your older children away after they have had their photographs taken. As newborn sessions can last 3-4 hours this can be boring for toddlers to sit through.

Can I invite Grandparents to my newborn session?

As my studio is fairly small I have limited seating space. The room needs to be kept warm for the baby as well so I do not recommend having too many people in the room. I do have a seating area out with the studio area for any Grand parents who which to accompany you however please notify me before hand that they will be coming.

What should I bring?

If you can, bring a dummy/pacifier with you. If you don' t have one I have some in the studio (fully steriised) that I will use if I feel it is necessary. Even if you haven't used one before, using one just for the few hours session that I'm posing him/her usually really helps.
Please bring all the necessities for feeding, changing etc. During your session you will have plenty of time for feeding and changing as I will not rush you or your baby. A belly full of milk and a warm room usually helps the baby settle so that I can pose them.

What if my baby doesn't settle?

There is no guarantee on any outcome as babies are unpredictable and cannot be forced to perform! Every effort will be made to provide you with up to 25 images. I provide a before the session guide to help prepare you and your baby to get the most of your session. I have many techniques to sooth and settle your baby.

Do you do maternity portraits?

If you are interested in a maternity session please contact me.

What types of payment do you accept?

When booking or paying for products online this can be done by Paypal or credit/debit card. At the studio I will accept cash and credit cards (except Amex).


48 hours must be given when cancelling. No guarantee can be given that a new slot will be provided .

Why do you charge a session fee?

A session fee is a creative fee which covers my time and talent to create images that you will treasure forever. It also covers full use of luxury studio props and my time professionally retouching your images for viewing.
Newborn Photography Glasgow FAQs
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