Megan & Bryan's Wedding

23rd November 2017
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Megan & Bryan tied the knot in October this year at  St Joseph’s Chapel in Stepps.  

The day started off with bridal prep at Megan's mums house.  I absolutely fell in love with the Megan's style from the pastel & sequin bridesmaids dresses to the stunning flowers to her sweet blue shoes.  Everyone was so relaxed while they got their hair and make up done, sipping champagne and listening to some great tunes.  The boys were equally dressed to impress in their ultra cool blue suits.

The wedding ceremony was an intimate gathering of family and friends and the rain even stopped just in time to do our photographs outside the chapel.  Afterwards the evening reception was held at the Crow Wood Golf Club which Megan and her family had decorated with flowers and lights galore, and the couple and their guests danced the night away.

Megan and Bryan have chosen to answer their questions individually and this will be the first time they see each others answers :)

How long have you known each other?

Megan: I think all in we have known each other around 3 years maybe going on 4 years...

Bryan: Roughly 2 and a half years

How did you meet?

M: We met each other at our good friends 21st birthday he was also one of Bryans best man! I will never forget that as I was wearing a red bow in my hair and Bryan tells me often how much he hated it!

B: A pub called the wee pub at my friends 21st

Can you share your proposal story?

M: Im a really really low key person and hate any spotlight on the idea of getting proposed to in a very public place would just be too much to deal with! Bryan picked the perfect proposal. We had just bought our first house together so around 3 days of moving in we were still unpacking and organising the house and Bryan shouted me downstairs to help him with something I came down and Bryan was down in one knee asking me to marry him (I thought he was joking at first as I didn't even realise he was holding a ring!! I was in the biggest shock) it was perfect though.

B: We had just moved into our house when I proposed. Megan isn't one for big grand gestures so I surprised her with it at one night in the house.

What made you choose your particular venue?

M: We decided on our venue mainly because we were in a really really short time frame as we planned our wedding in 14 weeks! so there wasn't a great deal of options sadly! However, our venue couldn't have been anymore than perfect! it was a blank canvas and the owners allowed us to do whatever we wanted. we hired out our venue the day before and everyone pulled together to turned out better than I could expect.

B: It was local for everyone and we got to decorate the hall anyway we wished

What was the best moment of your day?

M: The best moment of the day was getting to sit on my grandfather bench with my husband. it was a really perfect moment for me and it meant so much, its now a tradition that whoever gets married in our family gets a picture on his was amazing to get my turn.

B: Marrying my best friend and the woman I want to spend all my days with.

Would you change anything about your day if you could?

M: I would have loved to spend more time with Bryan...I think at our evening reception I spoke to him a handful of times. 

B: I would have made the party last longer lol

Have you got a wedding top tip?

M: TOP TIP TO ALL BRIDES! dont stress! it will honestly all work out. Your family will pull you through. also dont worry about the little will be the only one who really notices them, everyone else is too excited to have a good time and a good dance.

B: Have decent best men that know exactly what there doing.

Invite one more guest alive or dead, can be a celebrity or someone you know, who would it be and why?

M: It would be my Grandad who sadly passed away last year. It would have meant the world for me for him to be there but we had him in our day in some other ways which was so amazing.

B: I would have liked to invite my two grans they had always wanted to see me get married.

Which song did you pick for your First Dance?

M: Our wedding song was Noel Gallaghers Hgh Flying Bird - I'd pick you every time. 

B: Noel Gallagher I'd pick you every time

Which is your favourite Louise Mallan wedding photograph and why?

M: I have sooooo many! but I will narrow it down to two pictures first one was one of me and Bryan standing in the Chapel archway sharing a kiss! its amazing how its almost like we didn't realise Louise was taking the picture it doesn't look staged it was so nice.  My other favourite was a fun picture of me my mum and aunty they honestly done SO MUCH for me on the run up to the wedding and I couldn't have done it without them was great to get a picture with just them two.

B: I like the one of Megan and myself kissing under the arch of the church and the one where the best men and myself are jumping.

Scroll down to view some images from the day.

A slice of the day

Brides Dress  - The Bridal Courtyard

Both Bridesmaid - ASOS.COM

Flowers - Sparrow and Rose

Hair and Make up - Shannen Barret 

Boys Suits - Slaters and are Hugo Boss suits.

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