The Conscious Photographer - Martin D Barker

8th December 2016

This week I had the privilege to attend a talk by photographer Martin D Barker.  Martin has recently started a podcast called The Conscious Photographer where he gives advice on improving your photography and your life as well as speaking to some big names in the world of photography such as David Boni and Pratik Naik

As well as being a big inspiration to me as a fashion photographer, Martin D Barker is extremely open and generous with his advice on how to cope with the pressures that being a photographer can bring which is refreshing because a lot of photographers will only tell you about the good things that have happened to them and their portfolio whereas Martin is very honest about the mistakes he has made along the way and how to deal with them.

Martin also talked about Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to improve creative thinking, how meditation has helped him and about setting yourself ecological goals.  He spoke about how it was important for us as photographers to set goals so that we have something to work towards and gave us advice on how we set those goals so that they are specific and measurable as without these our goals could be hindering our progress.  Martin also gave us great advice on improving our workflow so that we can avoid making mistakes and free up more time.

I attended a talk which Martin gave last year and on that occasion as well as this one I left feeling very positive and inspired.  I will definitely be implementing some of the techniques that he shared with us to improve my own business and personal photography projects.

You can check out The Conscious Photographer podcast here -

The Conscious Photographer

The Conscious Photographer - Martin D Barker
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