Top Tips for Bridal Prep Photography

5th July 2016

With wedding season in full swing here are my top tips for how you can help to enhance your final images.  Lets start with one of my favourite parts of the day - Getting Ready.

1. Get ready in something pretty. Whether it be matching pyjamas with your maids or a nice silk robe, be intentional about this part of your wardrobe, too.

Bride in dressing gown

Bridal Prep - ©Louisemallanphotography

2. Find good light.  Your makeup artist will typically choose a lovely naturally-lit area in which to apply the makeup before I arrive which is great.  If you're doing your own makeup consider moving your mirror close a nice big window for more flattering, natural light.

Bridal Prep - ©LouiseMallanPhotograhy - Bride getting ready by a window in natural light

3. Whether you and your bridesmaids will be getting ready at home or in a hotel, try to keep all excess stuff in one room or corner to limit clutter in the background of your images.  This can be easier said than done with everyone trying to get ready at the same time but will make a difference to your images.

Bridal Prep - ©LouiseMallanPhotography

4. Have your shoes, dress, jewellery, veil, rings, perfume and any other special accessories set aside and ready for your photographer when they arrive.  You can concentrate on getting your make up done instead of frantically trying to gather the bits and pieces together.

Bridal Prep - © LouiseMallanPhotography

Bridal Prep - ©LouiseMallanPhotography

Bridal Prep - ©LouiseMallanPhotography

5. Nothing quite takes the attention away from a lovely bridal gown image more than a plastic hanger. You don't have to have a fancy one, but try to make sure there is a sturdy non-wire/plastic hanger option for your dress.

Bridal Prep - ©LouiseMallanPhotography

Bridal Prep - ©LouiseMallanPhotography

6. One of the most cherished photos of the day is mum zipping up her baby girl's wedding dress.  More often than not she's the last one ready because she's busy helping everyone else.  Make sure she's pampered a little that morning, too, and her hair, makeup and dress are all ready for your dressing time. This goes for your bridesmaids, too.  Consider asking them to be dressed before you step into your own.

Bridal Prep - ©LouiseMallanPhotography - Bride getting helped into her dress by mum and bridesmaid

7. Allow some chill time.  You've had a busy morning with people coming in and out and trying to make sure everything runs to schedule.  Having a little extra time between zipping up your dress and heading to the church will allow you to breath and calm yourself and it will allow your photographer a chance to capture some really lovely bridal portraits.

Bridal portrait natural light ©Louisemallanphotography

Bridal Portraits - ©LouiseMallanPhotography

Bride kissing her son before her wedding ©Louisemallanphotography

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